The Changemaker Forum Podcast

Conversations with Social Entrepreneurs Solving the Biggest Problems Today and Beyond

Episode 14

Seeing is Believing: Showing the Impact of Donations with Video

Guest: Gret Glyer, Founder and CEO, DonorSee

What if you could see the impact your monetary donations make? One company is making this a reality.

Episode 13

Crowdsourcing for Global Change

Guest: David Ambrose, Founder, Onstack

Can video change the world? This Founder believes it can.

Episode 12

Building a Global Community of Sweaty Changemakers

Guests:  Thomas Querton and Olivier Kaeser, Co-founders, atlasGo

This social enterprise is mobilizing a global community of sweaty changemakers to make a difference.

Episode 11

Financing Clean Energy in Uganda

Guest: Aneri Pradhan, Founder and Executive Director, ENVenture

How this incubator is financing clean energy in Uganda and empowering local entrepreneurs.

Episode 10

Clothing for Humans

Guest: Elfego Solares, Founder, Humano Lab

This retail marketplace startup is on a mission to shift paradigms around gender, sexuality, and race.

Episode 9

From Incarcerated to Changemaker

Guest: Terry Green, Founder and Executive Director, Think Make Live

The inspiring story of about how one individual went from being incarcerated to changing people’s lives.

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Episode 8

Changing the World One Good Deed at a Time

Guests: Travis Wentworth and Josh Alexander, Co-founders, DeeditForward

This app is looking to make the world a better place by making the action of doing good deeds a norm.

Episode 7

The Secret Weapon to Fighting Poverty

Guest: Daniel Wiens, Founder and President, Journeyman International

How sustainable design can fight global poverty.

Episode 6

Creating Sustainable Nonprofit Funding

Guests: Dan Rubano and Joe Graves, Co-founders, GroundSwell

How GroundSwell is creating a “funding well” that nonprofits can tap into for sustainability.